on this section of the blog we will document our raw and honest journey with adoption. Along with the ups and down of starting our shop ‘the fox and boar’, we use this journey to keep our goals focused on adoption and to never lose track of why we started this funding mission and passion. We know very well in our hearts that we will adopt in the future and it’s never too early to prepare. We also know, that if one day, our dream to adopt is not successful, the money we raise will be put into charity. i am also very realistic and understand that not all business ideas and dreams take off, and even if this shop does not thrive, it will not stop our love , dream and journey for adoption - we will constantly work on this passion project, and hope to see it grow and for you to come long this journey.


Link to THE SHOP: The fox & Boar is a Passion project/shop where I design handmade home decor. we are currently at the very beginning of this journey but I hope this project will one day contribute funds to kick start our adoption journey.