I know we all want to visit Nikko, Japan for Lake Chuzenji, Toshogu Shrine and Yumoto Onsen but this off-beat hiking trail is a fantastic escape from the hustle of tourists! 



The Senjogahara Plateau Nature Trail offers an amazing view of the marshland and surrounding mountains! The trail follows along Yukawa River between Yumoto Onsen and Ryuzu Waterfall with the shores of Lake Chuzenji not too far away! I visited this hiking trail at the beginning of winter/end of autumn and that left the scenery with a gorgeous reddish yellow glow and leftover snow along the way. This lovely escape takes around 2.5 to 3 hours to complete.



Senjogahara is connected with central Nikko by Tobu bus. There is usually  one or two buses running per hour which leaves from Tobu Nikko Station bound for Yumoto Onsen.  The one way trip from Tobu Nikko Station to Senjogahara takes about 70 minutes and costs around 1500 yen which is covered in the All Nikko Pass . As I was only in Nikko for a few days I opt the 2-day pass for unlimited bus rides between Nikko and Yumoto Onsen for 3000 yen. There is also  a cheaper option for stations between Nikko and Sanbonmatsu bus stop that will also get you to Senjogahara. If you're like me and want to walk the entire trail, get off at either Yumoto Onsen or Ryuzu no Taki bus stop. 


I hope you enjoyed this quick tip for  Senjogahara Marshland! If you need that little escape from the busy tourist attractions, definitely check out this off beat track the next time you’re visiting Nikko.

Ayaka NguyenComment