This fascinating town was founded by the romans and contains several well-preserved roman structures. i was super excited since i knew I was going to take a course in roman ARCHITECTURE this semester. We were welcomed by the porta nigra and went on to explore the ruins of roman baths, an amphitheatre and a stone bridge over the moselle river. among trier's manY catholic churches is the trier cathedral! there was also a lovely ARCHAEOLOGICAL MUSEUM with displays of roman artefacts. Although we did not have the opportunity to explore all of these sites, i do look forward to having a more thorough adventure the next time we are here.

Cathedral of Trier

Trier Cathedral is the oldest bishop’s church in Germany - in fact, it is located in Trier’s CENTRE above a former palace from the era of the Roman Emperor, Constantine the Great. The palace complex was supplanted in the 4th century by the largest Christian church complex. It consisted of four basilicas joined by a large baptistry; the complex covered an area extending to the present Main Market.


Porta Nigra

The Porta Nigra is a large Roman city gate. Built in grey sandstone just before the year 200, Trier’s Porta Nigra represents the last bastion of the Roman Empire’s presence north of the Alps.


Trier Town Square

i hope you enjoyed this mini recap of trier and i look forward to having another adventure in this town!

until next time !

Ayaka Nguyen